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xchdueb_Tavola disegno 1.jpg


There is no material that OEG hasn't cut.

Packaging plants are increasingly sophisticated and require blades and knives with an extremely sharp and precise cut.

​The OEG blades cut paper, cardboard, plastic and synthetic materials, food, rubber and leather with great precision. 


BLADES in hard metal

Solid carbide or braze-welded blades for cutting polypropylene, rubber and synthetic materials.

Linear and shaped BLADES

Linear and custom-shaped blades and knives. scrapers.

Toothed BLADES

Straight, conical and zig-zag toothed blades, in high-speed and super-high-speed steels.

Circular BLADES

 Circular blades for cutting paper, cardboard, rubber and synthetic materials in high speed steel, super high speed steel and solid carbide.